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Feeling Off Balance

Every year during the weeks leading up to Christmas, I start to feel a little off balance and I’m at my worst during the week between Christmas and New Years.  I’m never quite sure why this happens.  I have no issues with family and I thoroughly enjoy their company during the holiday season. But inside of myself, I’m doubting every move I make.  I gave up drinking alcohol on December 28 last year (my birthday by the way) so I was a bit nervous about getting through the holidays this year without it but I was even more nervous about eating sweets and gaining a ton of weight.  Since I gave up drinking I’ve been craving sweets constantly and I was determined not to go crazy eating them over the holidays.  Did I eat sweets? Yes LOTS.  Did I drink booze?  NO.  Did I do Yoga and meditate like I said I would?  A big fat NO.  However, I realized, (after I perked up again in January) that self-acceptance is crucial.  I know this happens to me every year, I should just accept it and try not to control it or beat myself up about it.  I know it will end once the new year starts.  Something I did do that made me feel a bit better was write a forgiveness letter to myself in early December and then read it a couple of weeks later when I was feeling super down in the dumps.  It was beautiful, like reading a love letter to myself.  The process of writing the letter helped me think positively about myself and reading it later definitely lifted my spirits.  The new year is here and I’m ready to make 2019 my best year yet!  I’ll be working one a new  body of work which I’ll be showing at the Arts On The Credit show, April 26-28, 2019.   The image above is something I’ve been working on for a commission and in the next post, I’ll show you what inspired the image.