Art with a Purpose

Recently, I’ve been taking time to carefully assess why I make art. In particular, why in the past I’ve been inspired by drains, utility covers and cracks in the road.  After some soul searching, I realized that these objects cover up what lies beneath the surface.  They are a reflection of me, the me who has been covering up feelings of shame from painful events and choices made in my past. It seems I’ve been spending far too much time looking down at the ground, perhaps hanging my head in shame.  I know I am not alone; there are many of us out there who are or have been in the same situation.  Now, I’m on a mission to fight shame with forgiveness and to use my art to help myself and others achieve this goal.  This blog will document my ideas, may artistic processes and the ups and downs of recovery from addiction and trauma.  Feel free to join me on this journey and sign up to receive my updates and posts.

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